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The EzFence Premium series offers significantly a completely maintenance free system to clients. Notably, with a premium build and gorgeous appearance. In fact, these boards are made of solid cellular plastic, commonly known as PVC. As can be seen, our Premium boards are 30% lighter than composite boards. Moreover, this series is also Class B fireproof certified. As a result, this makes them perfect for both residential and commercial projects! Furthermore, these PVC boards are coated with a thin yet indestructible shield. As a matter of fact, this shield protects them from UV fading, staining, scratching, moisture, mildew, and mold. Another key point, our Premium series comes with a lifetime warranty.
Our Premium quality fence boards are compatible with our accessories. For example : aluminum framing system, gate system, and LED system.


Our Premium package adds just the right amount of luxury in your outdoor living space!Advantages of Ezfence Premium:

  • Premium Package

  • Color Range: Brown & Grey

  • Foamed PVC and Solid Cellular Plastic

  • Moisture and Mildew Resistant, Mold Resistant, UV Resistant, Scratch Resistant

  • Class B Fireproof Certified

  • 30% lighter than standard composite boards

  • Length (Board): 2032mm / 80’’

  • Height (Board): 20.32mm / 5164’’

  • Width (Board): 152.4mm / 6’’

  • Weight (Board): 6.84lbs per board

  • Panel Width: 6.5LF

  • Panel Height: 2FT to 9FT

  • Combability: Aluminum Framing System, LED System, Gate System

  • Lifetime Warranty

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