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Our privacy fence panels in the Natural series offer significantly many benefits to clients. It's not only a luxurious wood grain texture with deep embossing but also a tropical colour selection. Equally important, our composite boards have the ability to look natural. In fact, they perfectly mimic the appearance of pressure treated wood. Without doubt, this series is completely maintenance-free! Additionally, these thick and reinforced boards are moisture, mildew, and scratch resistant. Eventually, you will not need to paint or restain these boards, later on. Most important, our Natural series comes with a 20 year warranty.


Our Ezfence Natural is also compatible with our accessories. For instance : aluminum framing system, gate system, and LED system. In addition, you may choose to personalize your fence with our accessories such as : aluminum shutters, borders, designs, etc.


Our Natural package perfectly replicates the appearance of natural wood while providing all the benefits of composite! Find below specifications in detail.

  • Mid Range Package

  • Warranty: 20 years

  • Benefits: Moisture, Mildew, and Scratch Resistant

  • Finish: Wood Grain Texture coupled with Deep Embossing

  • Length (board): 2032mm / 80’’

  • Height (board): 20.32mm / 0.8’’

  • Width (board): 152.4mm / 6’’

  • Weight: 11.85lbs per board

  • Panel Width: 6.5LF 

  • Panel Height: 2FT to 9FT

  • Combability: Aluminum Framing System, LED System and also Gate System

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